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    Make My Canvas was born from the inspiration of the creators of the Magic Digital Album. What started as an idea is now a huge force to reckon with. Magic Digital albums were one of the front runners in the business of creating wedding albums.

    With a rich experience of 30 years,Magic Digital Albums not only helped people to preserve their memories but also converted them into works of art. As the business expanded, the demand for unique and specialised products grew.

    By observing a huge void in the field of customised gifting, Make My Canvas found a huge potential in the field. With years of painstaking research and feedback from the clients, the company started building an impressive line of products.

    Then the question came on how to offer the same? With the expertise in recreating memories in the print form, they offered a mind boggling array of products that are not only beautiful but also appeal aesthetically. A wide range of sizes and materials, Make My Canvas is slowly turning into a one stop solution for all your gifting needs. A sprawling campus and expertise to mass produce , they also undertake bulk order for corporate events,weddings and large functions.

    Make a pit stop at Make My Canvas for all your personalised, customised and unique gifting needs.


    Make my canvas always prides on putting The Customer First. Our customer-centric approach aims to provide the utmost satisfaction and happiness.We live in a world where the internet and social media rule our world. Our memories last for a day and we are besieged by new ones. Thus runs a continuous cycle.

    Not only as memories but photos also serve as great gifts to our loved ones. We offer a huge variety of designs and mind-blowing prints that are sure to sweep them away.

    Having a photograph in the corner of your house is sure to bring a smile to your face. Sharing a photo from social media can surely bring a smile for that moment but having a memory framed can bring joy at all times. Not only as photographs or prints but Make My Canvas also innovates and launches a unique range of products that are sure to attract and spread happiness to all.

    Make My Canvas not only offers photo prints but also a wide range of products like coffee mugs, pillows, acrylic blocks and many more. We also offer customised solutions for home decor and corporate items that reflect your personality in a unique way.

    Visit our website to enter into a world of exciting photo prints and unique products that are sure to blow your mind away.

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